Interseafish, if you're looking for an innovative and reliable partner on the international fish market.
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Since 1981, Interseafish has been present in the hectic international fish market and has built up a wide experience throughout the years.

Interseafish is focussing on high quality sushi and sashimi products which are stored in our own 250 ton -60°C / -76°F cold store. Within one hour after the catch our fish is frozen on board of the high tech vessels. The ultralow cold chain is maintained all the way during transportation from origin till storage to guarantee high quality. Our super frozen products are even fresher than the so called fresh products.

Besides the Japanese Sashimi and Sushi related products our traditional seafood like the Bivalve Shellfish, Cephalopods and various Miscellaneous species, deserve your attention. Of course your orders will be packed and delivered in accordance with your high standards.

Working with us means that you can take full benefit of our expertise and enjoy an ongoing stream of new ideas and niche products.
If you are looking for an innovative and reliable partner, please contact us!